My Naturopathic Practice

I’ve been a naturopathic physician in CT for 25 years. I came to naturopathic medicine by the pursuit of science. In 1981, I earned a BS in biochemistry and animal behavior from the University of Massachusetts. For two years, I was a research assistant in labs doing work on molecular genetics and DNA. The work was fascinating, but I found I couldn’t abide by the irreverent attitude towards the sacrifice of animals for the sake of research. I left the labs and went to massage therapy school. After graduating from the Stillpoint school of Massage in 1984, I maintained a private massage practice for two years as I explored how I wanted to go further in the study of human health. In 1986, I entered Bastyr University in Seattle Washington, one of only two accredited naturopathic medical schools in the US at the time. In 1991, I earned my doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and headed home to New England.

I am fortunate to have found the work I was meant to do and I love the nature, no pun intended, of the practice. I realize it’s a privilege patients come to me with their health stories and trust that I’m going to do my best to help.

Over my 25 years of experience, it has become apparent that my patients may differ from the general medical patient because they understand there is something preventing them from being healthy and are motivated to improve their health. They have come to believe, healing is more than elimination of symptoms. Many of my patients have seen numerous physicians and are dissatisfied with brief visits, endless nonproductive diagnostics tests and prescription medications that treat some symptoms but cause others as side effects.

A unique aspect of my personal practice style involves the amount of time I spend with each patient, which is at least 45 to 60 minutes each visit, the attention paid to past and family history, and an exploration how present lifestyle and stress has impacted the individuals health. I often do out of office research for patients from their past medical records, about their prescribed medications, and information on their condition in currant medical conventional and naturopathic medical literature. Together we review all this information, as well as any diagnostics I may have ordered. Lab work is always explained to the patient, of which they receive a take home copy. It is my goal that we discover and explore the root cause to their health problem. This process encourages a physician/patient partnership. The patient is very involved which I believe empowers their potential for healing. Treatment may include patients making changes in different aspects of their lifestyle, but especially in nutrition, exercise and stress management. They may be prescribed natural medicines including botanical formulas, homeopathic medicines, hormones, vitamins and minerals. Typically, after a few initial visits, when a patient has reestablished their health, patients continue to see me once or twice annually to review their supplements, diet, prescription medications, any new health concerns or for to come in for their annual gynecological/ physical exam/ lab work wellness visit.